I want to expand your imagination to the little known capabilities & the therapeutic ease & workability using Drywall Texture plus a set of handheld ‘Texture comb tools’ to get you in the hobby mood & creating decorative & beautifully outstanding Textured finishings for ceilings & walls at home or in the workplace. In the context of Drywall Texturing as a finish, the texture is perceived as a visual two or three-dimensional artwork or design, but did you know that mixed texture coating, once applied, has amazingly flexible properties that allow the user to take so much advantage of the materials ‘hobby like infectiousness’ to create outstanding unique hand Textured finishings for interior ceilings & walls.

Mixed texture finish coating has amazingly flexible properties that allow the user to take full advantage of the material’s capabilities. Coupled with an open imagination & various tools all manner of artwork, effects & designs can be achieved onto ceilings and walls.

Liquid texture is either sprayed on, and then a tool is dabbed, or stamped onto the coating to create a design or texture is sometimes rolled onto the surface, then a tool is drawn through the coating to create a pattern.

Although there are plenty of random designs one can easily create with finishing texture coating, many practitioners & professionals are looking for a more uniform pattern to really catch the eye!