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About the Coalition of State Horse Councils

CSHC Executive Committee

Bill Scebbi


Ann Swinker

Vice Chairperson

Glen Eaton

Financial Liaison

Tom Tweeten

Financial Liaison

Katy Ross


Lee Sackett


WHo We Are

The largest grassroots horse network in the country

The Coalition of State Horse Councils (CSHC) is a group of 43 state horse councils from around the country that have banded together to provide grassroots support and education to state horse councils, encourage and grow participation in state horse councils, and provide national issues support to the American Horse Council.

Our History

State Horse Councils originally formed a union in the 1970’s as a committee of the American Horse Council and was known over the years as the State Horse Council Advisory Committee (SHCAC).  Strong leadership in those early years included Carol Alm, Dr. Karyn Malinowski, and Dr. Jerry Walker, to name a few.

While these chairs sustained the states in a cohesive unit, the states as a whole did not have a real sense of direction regarding their roles and purposes.  The SHCAC generally operated on a 1-2 year plan and reacted to current issues as they occurred.

All that changed in 2010

At the June, 2009 meeting of the State Horse Council Advisory Committee, we adopted a new purpose and a new direction, and along with that, a new name – the Coalition of State Horse Councils (CSHC). 2010 was the first official year of CSHC.

A Purpose-Driven Organization

The purpose of CSHC is to unite the state horse councils into a unified body for the purpose of educating and expanding our industry.

To successfully accomplish that overall goal,we will

  • Initiate a grassroots movement
  • Foster and encourage leadership development within state horse councils
  • Foster and encourage sound management practices
  • Develop, implement and maintain a national mentoring program to help state horse councils and their members become better and more educated leaders.
  • Provide regular electronic communications among state horse councils so everyone is informed of issues occurring anywhere in the country and so horse councils can learn from each other’s successes and challenges.

Key Facilitating Tasks

To translate purposes into actions, below are some of the key tasks that CSHC will be working on.

  • Interact with state horse councils on a routine basis
  • Encourage membership in AHC & CSHC for full nationwide participation
  • Increase value of membership by enhancing leadership development & skills
  • Monitor and analyze key issues that influence our industry
  • Develop grassroots legislative involvement & awareness
  • Provide leadership development workshops
  • Interact with legislators as a cohesive group as well as on a state by state basis
  • Promote sound ideas that have positive effect on our industry
  • Initiate positive media and public awareness
  • Address the needs of our industry
  • Provide leadership both at the state and national levels
  • Encourage growth of the horse industry through memberships in state horse councils
  • Portray a positive brand of the state horse council entities

Of What is Our Membership Comprised?

All State Horse Council that have dues paying membership with the American Horse Council are members of the CSHC.  There are no additional dues to pay.  The CSHC is a Committee of the AHC and under the by-laws of the AHC.

Who are Our Stakeholders?

We encourage all groups that participate in the horse industry at the state or national level, and who believe that an effective grassroots effort is one critical component to the future health of the horse industry, to become members and supporters of CSHC.

CSHC Current News

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